Inner Light Collective

Your unique light, voice and gifts are what this world needs.

About the Collective

Inner Light Collective is a deeply connected group of spiritually-minded women who have come together to support one another through the joys and challenges that come with spiritual growth and expansion. We are each evolving into the incredible women we were born to be while helping to nurture this sacred collective where we can all thrive.

What You Can Look Forward To

Inside Inner Light Collective we hold Sacred Circles, Goddess Gatherings, Masterminds, Priestess teachings and so much more. 

We gather live online and in person. Our monthly Goddess Gatherings focus on different aspects of living deeply aligned within your own inner knowing; re-membering knowledge and wisdom we all once knew and will embody again. 

Our Trinity Priestess Mystery School is a profoundly intimate space where we dive deep into Priestess Gnosis; celebrating and honouring the lineages of Isis, Mary Magdalene and our Celtic lines.

Our Masterminds are designed for soul based entrepreneurs, as well as for women who wish to dive deep into different aspects of their spiritual journey.

Our circles offer the opportunity for every single woman who joins us to move closer to healing old wounds, old stories of worthiness, sisterhood wounds, self love and self care. You will be held in the most sacred, loving, unconditionally supportive space where you can finally be all of you; fully, beautifully you.

There are no prerequisites. There is no competition. There is only love, acceptance and delicious support.

Why Join

Connect to your heart and ask if: being in circle with your sisters, walking the path of the Priestess, embodying the Goddess, re-membering the long forgotten and lost Truths of the Divine Feminine and reclaiming sacred sisterhood is something you are feeling called to explore... your HEART always knows. If the answer is YES, we welcome you with open arms and open hearts!

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